Click Here to View Muzaffarpur Branch Opening Ceremony            Career Achievers is No. 1 Coaching Institute for IIT-JEE / Medical in Bihar.            Admission is going on for Current Session 2018.            

We are organizing a Free Demo Class on 28th to 29th April 2018 at 11 AM for class 8th, 9th & 10th.

CTSE Exam For 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 12th Passed Students

Big 20
Prepare for upcoming Board Exams, with "CAREER ACHIEVERS" with "Big 20" batches.

Admission is going on for 8th, 9th, 10th 11th, 12th & 12th Passed for (IIT & Medical)

Awesome Features

Career Achievers is a team of dedicated, result oriented professionals who have striven to achieve the reputation of being a group totally synonymous with the word Career Achievers-an academic paradise in the concrete jungle of commercialized education. The main objective of carrying out value based educational activities. Presently, its total thrust is on Engineering / Medical coaching and counseling for IIT-JEE / Medical aspirant.

Transport Facility

Transport Facility Available for every corner of the Muzaffarpur City.

Air Conditioned Room

All rooms are Biggest and Ultra Modern Air Conditioned Infrastructures

Hostel Facility

Seperate Hostel Facilities Available for Boys and Girls.

Small Batches

Small Batches of 50 students with Individual Attendance.

Career Mission

We will commence with doing simple things well. In your case the simple things are:
  1. Attending the lectures as and when scheduled regardless of any obstacles.
  2. Taking tests as and when scheduled among with the group in two and never in isolation.
  3. Doing a very intense evaluation of your performance in each test from two perspectives.
    1. How much of the lecture related to the test has been assimilated by you and how much you have missed.
    2. What is your intra-group and inter group rating?
  4. After analyzing the level of problem, utilize it for further development and unlike a lot of past students, avoid going into the shell of Escapism. So consult the concerned and competent faculty related with your problem at Career Achievers and don’t move forward till you numerical, conceptual or textural problems is resolved.
  5. Communicate your doubts to the concerned faculty member during the class or out of the class. Communication is a two way traffic, if forced to be only one way, it is bound to collapse. So your patient listening to faculty is not enough, you have to answer his queries and must clarify doubts to answer his queries and must clarify doubts much before he asks the same from you as a form of question in the class.
  6. Don’t forget to attend the concerned lecture, read the topic and complete the assignment. This is the normal routine before taking any topic test. But here one very important link is missing and that is the preventive measure. Instead of taking corrective measures after faltering in the tests, you should concentrate on topics in totality just before the tests and clarify grey areas in these topics with the teacher as many times as you feel like. Then walk to the test with a lot of confidence. Even this is not the end of road, because the sharing ones problems at Career Achievers is a reciprocal and circular phenomenon. So, go and consult your faculty member omce again and this time as a post-mortem of that topic and try to affect some additional corrective measures as advised by him/her.
  7. Browse the notice-board regularly as a habit to avoid any uncalled for embarrassment of a valuable miss such as discussion, Counseling session, test or class. No, students shall be permitted to take the topic test on an alternative day expect on medical unfitness grounds. However, in case of discussion and counseling sessions, there will be no alternative dates. Surf the board also you your standing vis-à-vis other students and also to read about the latent developments in science.

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